Cooperative work for a strong community



Zion Gateway Commonwealth

Wonder. Learn. Grow. 


We the people of Zion Gateway Commonwealth school are a gathering of inspired families raising a righteous generation of leaders.  With the teachings of the scriptures as our foundation, we support each other in our personal growth, create connections between families and individuals in our local community, and strengthen the whole by elevating its parts.  Thus we create a Zion society among us in preparation for Christ's return.



A Zion approach to self-sufficiency


​​Zion Gateway Commonwealth is now enrolling families for Fall.

What is a new commonwealth school? When families first pull their children from big institutions to homeschool, they often feel lost, overwhelmed, and alone. New commonwealth schools ( are non-profit cooperative, volunteer-based groups that provide a soft landing for these families.

As confidence grows for parent and child, the commonwealth school becomes a bonus, a supplement to the rich learning environment pervading the home. New commonwealth schools keep the focus where it belongs, on families. Everything we do together is meant to elevate individual members of the family so we can all become better mentors and students with lifelong learning as a daily staple.

A true understanding of liberty